a serious health issue
for people of all ages

It may come as a surprise that falling is a leading cause of hospitalization and death. Each year in the Winnipeg Health Region, an average of 87 people die and another 1649 are hospitalized due to injuries caused by a fall. These injuries can be very serious. The average length of hospital stay for a fall injury is 31 days – 10 days longer than hospital stays for other injuries.


is at risk?

While anyone can fall at any time, children under 5 years of age and older adults are more likely to be seriously injured.


can be done?

The good news is that we know what puts people at risk of falling and being injured. Therefore, we can help reduce the risk of falling. This website provides information to help individuals, families, and professionals prevent falls in a variety of settings.

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November is Fall Prevention Month

November is Fall Prevention Month. The theme for 2018 is We all have a role to play. In Manitoba, the province will be proclaiming the week of November 5th as fall prevention week. Many programs and organizations across the Winnipeg Health Region will be promoting this important awareness campaign for. . .

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The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum receives a facelift!

Updated curriculum! We are pleased to announce the first offering of the revised 2017 version of the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum. This new course and accompanying textbook reflect extensive revisions from current evidence on fall risk assessment and prevention, as well as fresh approaches to successful and sustainable interventions based on proven. . .

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Recorded Webinar: Predicting and Preventing Falls using Technology

Canada’s technology and aging network Click here to watch webinar: Predicting and Preventing Falls using Technology July 5, 2018 Speakers: Dr. Steve Robinovitch, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology and School of Engineering Science Falls are the largest cause of injuries in adults over age 65. Webinar participants will learn about new technologies. . .

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