There are exercise DVDs that are designed for older adults and meet the guidelines for physical activity in the prevention of falls.

Some older adults DVDs are listed below. Click on the DVD title for more information including a description of the exercises, the instructor’s background, how much time is spent on standing balance and strength exercises, if the instructor gives options for different levels of difficulty, the target audience, the equipment needed, the cost and where the DVD can be purchased.

Many DVDs that target active older adults may be too difficult for adults who have mobility or balance problems. The Level 1 of the FallProof series of DVDs has been designed specifically for older adults who have mobility difficulties that limit daily activities. This DVD series provides a progressive exercise program for lower functioning adults (Level 1) to higher functioning adults (Level 3).

FallProof Level1

FallProof Level2

FallProof Level3

Older and Wiser Workout

Older and Much Wiser Workout

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