The Manitoba Falls Prevention Network is a community of practice that provides an opportunity to connect, share best practices and highlight innovative research projects for the purpose of preventing falls and reducing severity of injuries from falls in Manitoba. Led by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and in collaboration with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the Manitoba Falls Prevention Network is comprised of experts in the field of falls prevention with members from various organizations. Organizations represented include the provincial government, academic institutions and non-government organizations as well as local regional health authorities. The Falls Prevention Network facilitates the implementation of evidence-informed falls prevention programming.

The network is guided by the following principles:

  • Provincial-wide access to falls prevention resources and programming.
  • Programming that is inclusive of all ages in all settings of practice (e.g. community, acute care, residential, personal care).
  • Provide leadership, support, coordination and access to falls prevention information

Key activities of the network include:

  • Connecting members through list serve e-mail communication.
  • Filtering, summarizing and disseminating relevant information on falls prevention to members.
  • Linking members within the network for the purpose of sharing best practices.
  • Connecting members to the broader community of falls prevention resources both nationally and internationally.
  • Providing opportunities for learning and sharing.
  • Providing information about falls prevention professional training, including the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum online course and opportunities to attend training sessions within the province.

Fall Prevention Community of Practice -LOOP

Manitoba Falls Prevention Network members are encouraged to sign up for an online membership (available at no cost to you) with the Fall Prevention Community of Practice-LOOP located here:  In addition to you accessing the latest and greatest information on fall prevention education and training, you will also be able to connect with Manitoba Falls Prevention committee members through our own private Community of Practice (CoP). As soon as you sign up for an account with LOOP, simply email and you will be given access to the private forum.

What is a CoP?

A CoP is a group of people who come together to exchange information on a topic. We bring together practitioners, caregivers, researchers, older adult groups and policy planners working for the health and care of older adults. Community members make a commitment to support and learn from one another and to develop new knowledge to advance the field of practice.

Loop connects you with over 1700 CoP members who are your peers and experts in fall prevention.

A national community of practice that connects you with others who share a passion for fall prevention.

The CoP informs, allows you to share ideas and support each other to improve the implementation of evidenced-informed fall prevention practices.


What does the CoP offer?

  • Education and training on fall prevention
  • Sharing evidence-based resources and information
  • Access to research evidence through a skilled Information Specialist
  • Partnership building
  • Chance to inform research
  • Updates on promising practices and policy changes
  • Get better services, care and experiences in your community

Falls Prevention Education

It is important that health professionals be aware of falls statistics and have access to educational programming to learn how to prevent falls. Below are some examples of falls prevention education initiatives.

Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum (CFPC)

The CFPC is a resource which provides health professionals with the knowledge and skills required to design, implement and evaluate falls prevention programs. It consists of a two-day workshop combining lectures, visual aids, group discussion and a group project. The self-paced, online learning platform is intended for individuals working with older adults in long-term, acute and home care settings.

Finding Balance Ontario – Professionals

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries


Together, the network can create supportive communities where older adults enjoy independence and health through the prevention of falls.


To suggest a new resource or to learn more about the Manitoba Falls Prevention Network, please contact:

Charlotte Lwanga

Policy Analyst

Healthy Living and Healthy Populations Branch

Health, Seniors and Active Living

Phone: 204-788-6790





Cynthia Menzies

Injury Prevention Specialist

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Phone: 204-806-6551