Staying On Your Feet Resources for Older Adults
All of these resources are available free of charge for public health professionals through the Materials Distribution Agency (MDA). This link includes the inventory listing, instructions on ordering and the order form: Materials Distribution Agency
A Checklist to Help You Prevent Falls (2015) helps you identify what is putting you at risk of falling
Take Action To Prevent Falls Booklet (2015) contains the above checklist to help you identify what is putting you at risk of falling, provides information on what you can do to reduce the risks and has tools to help you make a plan
Home Balance and Strength Exercises (2016) contains pictures and step-by-step instructions of five exercises that you can do at home to improve your strength and balance
Proper Footwear Can Help Prevent Falls helps you choose the best footwear to decrease your risk of falling
Exercise for Strength and Balance – 11 x 17″ poster
Vitamin D, Prevent Falls and Injuries – 11 x 17″ poster
Medications and Risk of Falling – 11 x 17″ poster
Proper Footwear Prevents Falls – 11 x 17″ poster
Staying on Your Feet Community Presentation-a public presentation that aims to promote healthy, active aging for older adults living in the community in order to reduce falls and fall-related injuries. Speaker’s Notes