Slips, Trips, and Falls International Conference will provide a forum to discuss various aspects of fall prevention and protection in the community and workplace. Researchers, policy makers, technical experts and others around the world will present their latest work, products, and exchange research ideas. Panel sessions will address various thematic topics, incorporating experience and knowledge of basic mechanisms through to application within industry, public health, and/or policy.


Topics may include: • Preventing outdoor slips, trips and falls • Slips and falls in winter • Footwear design • Flooring & slip-resistance materials • Falls from height • Falls prevention and protection in construction industry • Bathrooms and changing rooms (i.e. wet environments) • Healthcare environments (i.e. hospitals, long term care facilities) • Tribometers, and measurement of slip resistance • Environmental design, including stairs and ramps • Slips, trips and falls in a home environment • Luminance contrast • Use of virtual reality • Training and education • Public health policy • National and International safety standards