Trampolines injuries are on the rise in Canada as families continue to use backyard trampolines and trampoline parks are becoming increasingly popular.

Falls from trampolines can lead to very serious injuries including fractures, dislocations and head and neck injuries. Somersaults and flips on a trampoline are the most common causes of neck injuries and many of these injuries are severe and permanent.

The Canadian Pediatric Society strongly discourages the use of trampolines at home.

If you choose to use a trampoline, even though they are not recommended:

  • Place the trampoline on the ground, on a level surface, in an open clear area.
  • Have adequate protective padding around the trampoline that is in good condition and is placed appropriately.
  • Inspect protective padding and net enclosure regularly, and replace all damaged parts immediately. Trampolines should not be used until all damaged parts have been replaced.
  • Children on trampolines should always be actively supervised by adults familiar with safety recommendations.
  • Only allow one child on the trampoline at a time.
  • Do not perform somersaults or flips.