The Burden of Falls in Canada

  • This document includes current and impactful evidence describing the personal, economic and healthcare system burden of falls among older adults in Canada, Manitoba and Winnipeg, as well as the role of place and income in fall injury. Colleagues and community partners may wish to consult this document for a more comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of falls, to ensure consistency of evidence among professionals, as well as to merit fall prevention and injury reduction efforts.


After a Fall: An Older Adult’s Journey

  • What happens after an older adult falls? This infographic shows the journey a community-dwelling older adult takes through the health care system after having a fall resulting in injury. Eight steps to reduce the risk of a fall and fall injury are offered. Intended for the public (primarily older adults and their caregivers), as well as health care providers.

The Impact of Falls on our Health Care System

  • Falls are the leading cause of significant injury among older adults. While an older adult’s care can result in a variety of health care system usages and intensities, the impact is burdensome to our health care system. This infographic shows the staggering and lengthy effect falls have on our health care system. Intended for health care providers.

The Cost of the Falls for our Health Care System

  • Each year in Manitoba, falls are the most expensive injury and cost our health care system $345 million. This infographic describes the costly impacts associated with a fall, from the acute portion of care to after discharge, such as home care, residential care and disability. Intended for health care providers.




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