The Manitoba Fall Prevention Network is a community of practice that provides an opportunity to connect, share best practices and highlight innovative research projects for the purpose of preventing falls and reducing severity of injuries from falls in Manitoba. Led by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and in collaboration with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the Manitoba Falls Prevention Network is comprised of experts in the field of falls prevention with members from various organizations. Organizations represented include the provincial government, academic institutions and non-government organizations as well as local regional health authorities. The Falls Prevention Network facilitates the implementation of evidence-informed falls prevention programming.

The network is guided by the following principles:

  • Provincial-wide access to falls prevention resources and programming.
  • Programming that is inclusive of all ages in all settings of practice (e.g. community, acute care, residential, personal care).
  • Provide leadership, support, coordination and access to falls prevention information

Key activities of the network include:

  • Connecting members through listserv e-mail communication.
  • Filtering, summarizing and disseminating relevant information on falls prevention to members.
  • Linking members within the network for the purpose of sharing best practices.
  • Connecting members to the broader community of falls prevention resources both nationally and internationally.
  • Providing opportunities for learning and sharing.
  • Providing information about falls prevention professional training, including the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum online course and opportunities to attend training sessions within the province.


Fall Prevention MOVE/IMPROVE/REMOVE – The conversation tool titled; Fall Prevention MOVE/IMPROVE/REMOVE and community poster titled: Fall Prevention MOVE/IMPROVE/REMOVE was developed by Prairie Mountain Health in consultation with the Fall Prevention Project team. The conversation tool and poster guides health care providers and the public how to assess for universal fall risk factors. The key message is that there are many things we can do to prevent a fall and universal risk factors alone or in combination make everyone at risk for a fall. The tool and poster can be adapted by other health regions to be used in community settings including health fairs, immunization clinics, educational and staff training events.

Fall Prevention Consultation Summary Report: Manitoba Fall Prevention for Older Adults Think Tank Session – A “Think Tank Session” was planned on January 24, 2017. Approximately 40 invited participants brainstormed new ideas to reduce fall related injury by attempting to explore increased accessibility and affordability of balance and strength exercise options for older adults. A comprehensive consultation summary report titled: Manitoba Fall Prevention for Older Adults Think Tank Session captured the highlights, outcomes and recommendations from the day.

Orientation to Fall Prevention Tools and Resources – A webinar titled: Orientation to Fall Prevention Tools and Resources was offered on March 14, 2017 to health regions and key stakeholders.  Manitoba Fall Prevention Professional Education Reference: A Companion Guide  was developed with suggested professional education options in fall prevention education.

Fall Prevention Education:

It is important that health professionals be aware of fall statistics and have access to educational programming to learn how to prevent falls. Below are some examples of falls prevention education initiatives.

The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum© (CFPC) is designed to build on existing knowledge and skills of health professionals and community leaders working in the area of fall and injury prevention among older adults (those 65 and over).  Sessions are offered in two formats, both in English and French.

Finding Balance Ontario – Professionals

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionStopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries

To suggest a new resource or to learn more about the Manitoba Fall Prevention Network, please contact:

Janelle DePeazer
Policy Analyst
Health Promotion & Policy
Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living