Community and Ambulatory Care Fall Risk Screening Tool

This screening tool was adapted the Community and Ambulatory Care Fall Prevention Working Group of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) to screen risk for falling in clients who visit WRHA community and ambulatory care sites. The tool was modified for use in our community-based settings to provide prevention and management strategies to reduce fall risks. When the WRHA piloted the screening tool, staff members reported that the tool was straightforward to use, quick to use, and increased awareness and dialogue of fall prevention with clients in their program.

The screening tool and a corresponding Your Fall Risk Factors bilingual form that includes recommended actions will help WRHA teams meet the Falls Prevention Required Organizational Practice (ROP) as mandated by Accreditation Canada. The major tests for compliance for this ROP are:

1) A documented and coordinated approach to falls prevention is implemented;

2) The approach identifies the populations at risk for falls; and

3) The approach addresses the specific needs of the populations at risk for falls.

Each WRHA site has its own unique form with corresponding logo. To order forms, programs should follow the site’s usual ordering process. For more information on ordering, please ask your administrative or managerial support team.

The Community and Ambulatory Care Client Falls Risk Screening Tool has been developed from Russell et al’s (2009) Falls Risk for Older People in the Community tool, Age and Ageing, 38(1), 40 – 46, by the Community and Ambulatory Care Falls Prevention Working Group.

 Environmental Checklists

Fall Prevention Environmental Checklist for Community and Ambulatory Care: used to identify environmental factors that may increase the risk of falls. It is recommended that this checklist be used at WRHA sites annually (preferably twice a year, in winter and spring/summer):

Fall Prevention Checklist for Construction and Renovation Planning: tool helps integrate best practices for falls prevention when planning new construction or renovation of clinic space within the WRHA.

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