A number of initiatives have been undertaken in Manitoba to help prevent falls in older adults.

Community Falls Prevention Clinics

Multidisciplinary falls prevention clinics were piloted in three Winnipeg community areas. Older adults at high risk of falling were screened for general health, nutrition, vision, medications, strength, balance and use of mobility aids, and received a home safety assessment. Forty-five community dwelling older adults visited the three pilot clinics.

The pilot clinics were effective in bringing about behaviour changes required to prevent falls, with a 71% uptake of recommendations by clinic clients. The most common recommendations made at the clinic related to exercise, nutrition and home safety.

In order to expand this service to other Winnipeg community areas, an equipment package, instruction manual and toolkit are available to assist people in running a Community Falls Prevention Clinic. To book equipment or for more information, contact IMPACT at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, email: injuryinfo@wrha.mb.ca or phone: 204 940-8300.

A report of the piloted Community Falls Prevention Clinics is also available.

WRHA Regional Falls Prevention Leadership Committee

The Regional Falls Prevention Leadership Committee facilitates the coordination and consistency of falls prevention and management initiatives for older adults across the Winnipeg Health Region. This group has developed FallsPrevention and Management: Clinical Practice Guidelines to help ensure that falls prevention activities across the all sectors of the health region are consistent and evidence-based.

Inventory of Exercise Programs for Falls Prevention

IMPACT worked with community partners locally and in New South Wales Australia, to set criteria for exercise programs that would be effective for reducing falls. Based on these criteria, an Exercise Inventory was developed to help people in the community and healthcare professionals find exercise programs that are suitable to prevent falls.

A summary report of the information collected is available, as are slides detailing the number, types and location of the exercise programs for falls prevention in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Falls Prevention Network

The Manitoba Falls Prevention Network includes people from many organizations including health, government, and non-government organizations. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge, program successes, research and evidence about preventing falls in older adults. To join the Manitoba Falls Prevention Network or for more information, contact the Manitoba Fall Prevention Coordinator email:   FallsPrevention@osteoporosis.ca

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