The most common reason that newborn babies fall is when they are accidentally dropped by a parent or caregiver.


In the hospital after delivery, new mothers who are exhausted, on pain medication or who have had a Caesarean birth are at most risk of accidentally dropping baby. Also, tired new parents can fall asleep while holding or feeding baby.  Hospital staff will work with you to make sure that you and your baby have lots of opportunity to bond and breastfeed while keeping your baby as safe as possible.

You can help keep your baby safe in the hospital by:

  • Always putting your baby to sleep on his back in the bassinet
  • Telling your nurse if you are dizzy or drowsy
  • Being aware of wet floors, spills or equipment that may cause you to slip or fall
  • Always using the bassinet to transport your baby in the hospital when leaving your room.


Here are some tips to help you keep your baby safe:

  • For sleep
    • Lay your baby on her back in the crib if you are feeling sleepy so you don’t fall asleep with her in your arms
    • After feeding your baby at night put her in the crib before you fall asleep
  • Around the home
    • Wear non-slip socks or shoes in the house to avoid slipping while carrying baby
    • Be careful when using the stairs while holding your baby
    • A wet baby is a slippery baby so take extra care at bath time
    • If you are carrying your newborn in a car seat, be sure the harness is securely fastened
    • If using a sling, carrier or wrap to carry your baby, make sure your child is supported and snug. Have a good hold on your baby before you bend over
    • When you are not holding your baby, it is best to put him in a crib, cradle, bassinet or playpen or on the floor.  Babies can fall from adult beds, couches and other furniture

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