Taking care of your feet and wearing safe footwear can help prevent falls.

Shoes with high heels and slippery soles, or wearing shoes that don’t fit properly, and not tying laces securely, can cause you to lose your balance or trip and fall. Foot problems can also affect your balance and change the way you walk, which may put you at risk of falling.

To improve your foot care and footwear to reduce your risk of falling:

  • Look after your feet – If you have any foot pain or foot problems, see your doctor or podiatrist. Have your nails cut and deal with corns, calluses, bunions and ulcers. Maintain good circulation in your feet, ankles and legs by doing foot exercises everyday. Examples of foot exercises are moving your toes up and down, and turning your ankles in a circle;
  • Wear safe footwear– Proper footwear is important to prevent falls;
  • Wear footwear that fits snugly. Laces or Velcro fasteners are good choices as they allow you to adjust the shoe to your feet. Avoid slippers and flip-flops since they are poor fitting and can be dangerous;
  • Wear footwear that has a lot of contact with the ground, such as shoes with a flat or low wide heel;
  • The sole of your footwear should have a good grip. Wear shoes with a non-slip sole in your home rather than socks or slippers. During winter, wear boots that have good traction on ice and snow; and
  • It is generally best to avoid shoes with high or narrow heels worn, stretched or loose shoes; and heavy shoes.

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