Children of all ages love to play at the park or playground.

Playgrounds give children space to climb, slide, jump, run and play. Playgrounds are great places for children and their families to play, have fun and socialize. All this is important for development, health and well-being.

Unfortunately, playgrounds are not always as safe as we think.  Every year, young children visit emergency departments for broken bones, head injuries and other injuries that happened on the playground.  Serious injuries tend to happen when children fall off raised play equipment such as swings, play structures and monkey bars.

The good news is that serious playground injuries can be prevented.

  • Parents and caregivers can learn more about playground safety. See our Playground safety tips for families.
  • If you building a playground in your back yard, see our Home Playground page.
  • Playground owners and operators can follow the CSA Guidelines for building and maintaining safer playgrounds.
  • Playground designers and communities can consider nature playgrounds as an alternative to traditional playgrounds.
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