Cycling is the leading cause of sports and recreation injuries in Canada.


The most common injuries that occur during cycling are fractures (32%) and head injuries (14%). When riding a bike you and your family should:

  • Wear a helmet for every ride, even if you are just going down the street or to the park. A properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85-88%.
  • Make sure that your helmet meets safety standards from CPSC, CSA, ASTM or Snell.
  • If you are a parent, you should always wear a helmet when cycling. You are important to your family and need to protect yourself. You are also a strong role model for your children.
  • Wear helmets correctly and always fasten the straps. Follow the 2-V-1 rule: only 2 fingers should fit between your eyebrows and the helmet, the straps should form a V around your ears, and only 1 finger should fit between your chin and the chin strap.
  • Learn the rules of the road such as hand signals, how to use bike lanes and navigate traffic.
  • Wear bright colours and reflective clothing so you can be seen by other road traffic.
  • Remember that younger children should always cycle with a parent. Before age 9 most children do not have the maturity and skills to cycle safely on the road alone.