The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum (CFPC) has launched a new website which hosts a wealth of information on fall prevention training and   resources.  Visit

The CFPC is also announcing a second edition of Fall Prevention Programming: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Fall Prevention Programs for Older Adults (V Scott, 2017).  to order, visit

Also the first offering of the revised 2017 version of the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum is now open for registration. This new course and accompanying textbook reflect extensive revisions from current evidence on fall risk assessment and prevention, as well as fresh approaches to successful and sustainable interventions based on proven strategies from the field of implementation science.
Two sessions of this online course will be offered internationally though the University of Victoria. The first from September 22nd to October 27th, with instructor Bobbi Symes, MA and the second from October 20th to November 27th, with instructor Phil Groff, PhD.