1 Million Dollar Hospital Challenge

July 5, 2022 is Parachute’s National Injury Prevention Day (NIPD). This year hospitals have the amazing opportunity to participate in the 1 Million Dollar Hospital Challenge. What could your program or your hospital do with an extra million dollars? Is wanting to reduce pressure on your emergency services high on your wish list?

Tell us what you’ll do for the NIPD Hospital Challenge by filling out the online form: https://parachute.ca/en/program/national-injury-prevention-day/nipd-hospital-challenge/

How to participate in the challenge:

Here are a few ideas: We’re sure you’ll think of more.

  • Light up your building(s), sign(s), or other areas green, the signature colour for safety.
  • Tie green ribbons to places within the hospital
  • Serve green food, e.g., ice cream, candies
  • Wear green T shirts
  • Get active on social media! Parachute will be sharing a filter that can be used on social media and our hashtags #ParachuteNIPD #TurnSafetyOn and #Parachute10. We’ll also be providing a social media guide downloadable from our website.
  • Share information about the cost of injury with your teams

Whatever you do have fun, take photos, and share them to show the collective strength and collaboration across the country.