Safe Kids Week is an annual awareness campaign, now in its 23rd year, developed to bring attention to predictable and preventable injuries in children. Falls are the leading cause of injury to Canadian children.

This year Safe Kids Week is focusing on the topic of preventing harmful child falls in the home and at play. Falling is a normal part of children’s development, as they walk, climb, run, jump, play and explore their environment. While most child falls do not result in serious injury, each year more than 140,000 children are seen in emergency departments for fall-related injuries. Most of these injuries to children under 5 occur in the home.

Safe Kids Week Resources:

National Toolkit: The toolkit includes: Home Fall Proof Checklist on card stock (40), This is a Fall-Proof Home window decals (40), Parachute Safe Kids Week Postcards (40), Colouring sheets (5 pages), Alex at the Playground book (1), Backgrounder, Parent Tip Sheet, Signature Activity Guide, Social Media Guide.

Parent Tips (PDF, print double-sided one page): Use this tip sheet with parents and caregivers to spread awareness of childhood falls and prevention tips in the home and play.

Home Fall Proof Checklist: Checklist provides a list of what to look for in the home to prevent harm from children’s falls, and can be used to complete the #FallProofYourHome Challenge activity.

WRHA Staying on Your Feet Website (click on Children tab)

Fall Proof Your Home Video

• Join Loop Junior, Canada’s Fall Prevention Community of Practice for practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners working for the health and care of children ages 0 – 6.