Senior Centre Without Walls through A & O: Support Services for Older Adults offers free educational and recreational programs over the phone. The program reaches out to socially isolated older adults 55+ living in Manitoba. Individuals and groups are welcome. 

There is no cost to register.

Participants can either call themselves in or Senior Centre Without Walls will call them into the programs.

Please view both the upcoming Program Guide and Registration Worksheet on the following link on their website:

In the guide you will find the following topics plus a whole lot more!

  • Welcome to Senior Centre Without Walls!
  • The Sergeant-at-Arms and the Manitoba Mace (in recognition of Manitoba’s 150th anniversary)
  • Interesting Manitoban:  Exploring Nature’s Wonders in a Modern World
  • Do it for a Healthy Home
  • Moccasin Making
  • Travelogues: Vive la France! and Jewels of Poland
  • Health and Wellness Presentations: Prostate Cancer, Silence No More and Wellness Drumming
  • Music Therapy, Art Therapy and Meditation
  • Celebrity Bingo and Fun and Games
  • Book Club, Short Stories, and Poetry (read aloud)
  • Observances & Celebrations:  Canada Day Party and Abuse of Older Adults: What is it and Why is it Underreported?