July 5, 2019, is National Injury Prevention Day in Canada.

The aim of this day is to raise awareness about the devastating effects of predictable and preventable injuries. It is a day to raise awareness around the importance of injury prevention and aid Canadians to live long lives to the fullest through education and advocacy.

Injury prevention is critical to saving lives: Did you know that injury is the No. 1 cause of death of Canadians ages 1 to 44? Or that injury costs the Canadian economy $27 billion a year?

Quick Facts:

• Preventable injury kills more Canadian children than any single disease, and more youth than all other causes combined

• Teen drivers die in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group in Canada

• 40% of head injuries in children aged 10 to 19 occur during sports

We have made improvements in the area of injury prevention but there’s still more work to be done.