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Date and Time: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 11 am CST/12 pm EDT, 1 hour Webinar Description: Fear of falling is an important psychological factor that has been associated with an array of adverse outcomes in older adults including decreased muscle strength and physical capacity, social isolation, falls, greater frailty, decline in mobility, higher risk of disability in daily living activities, and increased mortality.

In this webinar the following points will be discussed:

• Fear of falling and its prevalence among older adults;

• Health consequences of fear of falling in the short and long terms, including physical disability;

• Evaluating fear of falling and discussing some available outcome measures for clinical practice; and

• Managing fear of falling

About the Presenter: Dr. Mohammad Auais is an assistant professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s University and a licensed physical therapist in Ontario with expertise in musculoskeletal and geriatric rehabilitation. Following his PhD in Rehabilitation Science at McGill University, he completed two postdoctoral fellowships at Western University and Queen’s University, funded respectively by Mitacs and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Mohammad’s research aims to increase understanding of how modifiable factors interact to influence mobility of older adults, specifically those with hip fractures, and how to integrate this knowledge into rehabilitation. His ultimate aim is to bridge the gap between actual practices and optimal care, eventually leading to better health services and patient outcomes.